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Club of Royston
President: Martin Berry

Kite Festival and Historic Vehicle Show -

Organiser Ray Munden

This   annual   event   is   held   on   Therfield   Heath   at   Royston   and   is   the   Clubs   “Flagship”   event   of   the   year   bringing   in   thousands   of spectators   from   the   area.      It   is   always   held   on   the   first   Sunday   of   August   and   this   year   it   is   being   held   on   Sunday   4th   August   2019 between 10.30 and 4.30 . This   is   a   truly   family   day   out   where   many   groups   arrive   with   their   own   lightweight   chairs   and   picnic   hampers   in   order   to   see   a   huge variety   of   kites   being   flown   by   organised   and   professional   kite   flying   teams.      But   it’s   not   all   watching,   the   children   have   their   own sessions where they bring their own kites along for flying in the main arena or will be able to make kites with their own designs. There   are   always   loads   of   stalls   selling   various   goods   scattered   around   the   edge   of   the   site   plus   many   food   stalls   and   ice   cream   vans   to satisfy the hungriest of people. Have   a   look   at   the   video   on   the   left which    was    created    by    one    of    our visitors     to     a     previous     year’s     Kite Festival.      You’ll   get   a   better   flavour   of the     event     than     mere     words     can convey!    Once   again   the   Kite   Festival   will   have   the   added   attraction   of   the   Historic   Vehicle   Show   alongside.      This   show,   which   proves   very   popular at   the   Royston   May   Fayre,   will   have   a   range   of   interesting   vehicles   of   all   types   and   ages   for   your   inspection   and   perhaps   to   bring   back some   memories   of   long   gone   vehicles   you   may   have   owned   yourself   at   one   time   (and   now   wish   you’d   kept).      Albert   Sharpe   will   also   be bringing   his   tractor   which   children   love   to   clamber   over.      If   you   wish   to   enter   your   vehicle   in   this   year’s   show   then   please   download   the brochure here. Do   give   the   Kite   Festival   a   try   this   year.      The   entry   fee   is   only   £3.50   for   over   14s   and   all   children   under   that   age   are   FREE.      The   Kite Festival is a charitable event and all proceeds after costs this year will be donated to the President’s charity. Click   here    to   enquire   about   stalls   at   the   Kite   Festival.      If   you   have   any   other   queries   then   click   here    to   contact   the   Kite   Festival organisers. If you’d like a small brochure (flyer) regarding this years Kite Festival you can download one here Sponsored By The Rotary Club of Royston - Registered Charity Number 1123456

President’s Charity