Youth Activities Committee -

Chairman Brian Whittaker

“We   seek   to   encourage   our   young   students   to   meet   fresh   challenges   and   to   perform at their very best”   Come   mid-November   we   will   promote   our   Youth   Speaks’   events   featuring   8   First   Schools   and   2   middle   Schools   from   Royston   and   nearby villages   who   seek   to   express   themselves   on   a   chosen   subject   to   their   parents   and   their   teachers   and   Rotarians.   It   is   their   opportunity   to present their ideas and experiences, an important feature of everyday life. The    first    Wednesday    in    February    sees    96    students    from    the    6    Middle    Schools    and    2    Upper    Schools    assemble    for    the    Technology Tournament .   It’s   a   chance   for   team   building   and   improving   communication   skills   and   encouraging   young   people   to   see   Design   and Technology as attractive and challenging. This year we have the challenge of organising Youth Makes Music  as always it take a lot of planning and coordination with the Schools. We   will   once   again   showcase   the   depth   of   Royston’s   musical   talent.   The   concert   covers   a   whole   range   of   musical   talent   presented   by   200 pupils   and   students   from   our   First,   Middle   and   Upper   Schools.   This   year,   for   the   first   time,   it   will   be   staged   at   the   superb   Saffron   Hall, in   Saffron   Walden.      We   would   hope   that   this   year   Rotarians   will   make   the   journey   To   Saffron   Walden   to   support   the   concert   because   in previous years there hasn’t been enough room.. “Kids   Out”   is   a   day   out   for   disadvantaged   children   at   Wimpole   Hall.   These   youngsters   visit   the   rare   breed   farm   animals,   ride   the   mini railway,   bounce   on   the   castle,   fly   their   kites,   laugh   at   the   puppets,   have   their   face   painted   and   picnic.   We   expect   about   150   youngsters   from Cambridge, Baldock and Haverhill enjoy a day of fun. We are sponsoring the “Rotary Club Art Inspiration Award” at this year’s Arts festival as part of the Young Royston Art Society programme. We are looking forward to interacting with other clubs in our new district 1260 gaining new ideas and possible collaborations. An exciting year in prospect! If you would like to know more about our youth activities pleas contact us here.  
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