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Club of Royston,Herts, UK
President: David Blundell

Sports and Social  Committee -

Chairman David Beardwell

President’s Charity

The      Committee      continues   to   recognise   the      great      importance      of      the      social      programme      of      the      Club;     events      when      members      and      their      other   halves   really   do   get   to   know   each   other   better,   much   more than   the   opportunities   presented   at,   say,   meetings   including   our   partners   .   The      objective      of      this     committee      is      therefore      to      ensure      that      there      is      a      social      event      each      month.      Sometimes      this      will     be  an  event already  incorporated  in  the  Rotary  programme  such  as  the  President’s  weekend  or  Christmas  Party. Our   House      Parties      do      prove   to      be      extremely      popular,      and      we      aim      to      have      at      least      one            in      the            year,      plus      theatre      trips,     outside      visits,      including      we      hope,      a   visit   to   the   Wellcome   Sanger   Institute   ,   Cambridge,   and   a   repeat   of      our   highly   successful Ceilidh in February.  Our activities this Rotary year will start with a Games event  at a local hostelry. The   proposed   programme   for   the   forthcoming      Rotary   Year   2018/2019   is   as   follows.      Check   back   here   often   to   view   the   latest plans.