Disaster Fund

  The   club   maintains   a   reserve   fund,   which   currently   stands   at   £1000,   to   be   used   to   help   in   the   response   to   an   international   disaster,
wherever it may occur. Last year, for example, we donated £1000 to help provide humanitarian relief to Ukraine.
Where   possible,   we   try   to   work   with   fellow   Rotarians   in   the   countries   affected   and   we   are   fortunate   in   having   a   number   of   members
who have links with various developing countries.
We have also built up a fund of £1500 which will be made available to support Ukrainian families living locally.

Rotary Foundation

The   club   each   year   makes   a   financial   contribution   from   its   members   to   Foundation,   Rotary   International's   own   charity,   which   has   been
at the forefront in recent years in the fight to eradicate polio.

Charity Curry

The   club   has   in   the   past   organised   a   curry   evening   to   raise   funds   to   help   supply   clean   water   in   disaster   areas   through   the   use   of   Life
Straws. We plan another such evening this Rotary year.

Lend With Care

This    organisation    provides    micro-financing    to    local    entrepreneurs    in    underdeveloped    countries,    allowing    them    to    become    self-
sufficient..   We   have   invested   in   over   six   dozen   entrepreneurs   via   Lend   With   Care   for   the   last   six   years   and   will   continue   to   do   so.     To
see more of what we do click here to see our Lend With Care page
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