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This   part   of   the   Rotary   Club   of   Royston   website   provides   access   to   the   policies   and   standards   that   we   aim   to   abide   by.     It   is   here   for
members of the Club to use as a reference source in undertaking their duties, events and having fun.
It   is   also   available   to   the   general   public   to   see   how   we   meet   these   policies   and   standards   in   a   transparent   way.   If   you   think   that   we
have not, then please contact the President for the year. We are not infallible and try to do our best.
Our   motto   is   “Service   Above   Self”.   If   you   find   that   you   are   sympathetic   with   these   aims   and   want   to   know   more   about   Rotary   then
contact any one of us. We are non-secular and embrace all in our community.
We try to adhere to the four-way test:
Is it the TRUTH?
Is it FAIR to all concerned?
Will it build GOODWILL and better FRIENDSHIP?
Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
The   documents   themselves   are   listed   below   and   have   all   been   adopted   by   RIBI.     Please   click   on   any   of   them   to   view   the   contents
(each will open in a new tab).
Disability Guidance
Safeguarding Policy (Children)
Safeguarding Policy (Vulnerable Adults)
Dignity Policy for Rotarians
Equality and Diversity Policy
Health and Safety Policy Statement
General Data Protection Privalcy Policy Notice
Documents last updated 27th July 2020
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