Club of Royston,Herts, UK
President: Martin Berry

Scrapbook For The Rotary Year 2019/2020

President’s Charity

25th June - Presidential Handover
Once   again   this   annual   event   was   held   at   Madingley   Hall,   a   fine   Jacobean   mansion   owned   and   run   by   Cambridge   University.   Over sixty   Rotarians,   partners   and   guests   dressed   up   in   their   finest   for   the   event   and   were   all   provided   with   a   glass   of   bubbly   on   arrival   in one of the upstairs reception rooms. All   too   soon   dinner   was   announced   and   we   trooped   down   to   the   main   dining   room   to   find   our   respective   places   on   the   seating   plan.     Although   we   had   all   pre-ordered   our   meals   some   time   ago   from   the   provided   menu   this   year,   your   writer   had   had   initial   doubts about his choice but unnecessarily as it turned out, the food was absolutely superb. Once   the   meal   was   out   of   the   way   and   the   coffee   served   President   David   rose   to   conduct   the   first   part of   the   formal   handover.      After   a   short   speech   which   included   thanking   everybody   for   their   help   in   the last   year   he   made   particular   mention   of   the   enormous   help   he   had   received   from   the   outgoing secretary   (Neil   Guttridge)   and   the   continuing   club   treasurer   (David   Smyth).      President   David   also presented   a   bouquet   of   flowers   to   his   wife   Diane   for   all   her   help   and   support   over   the   past   year.      The presidential chain(s) of office were duly passed over to the incoming president Martin Berry A   series   of   handovers   were   then   made   to   the   incoming   vice   president   (Nichola   Day),   the incoming   junior   vice   president   (Mike   Day)   and   the   outgoing   president   (David   Blundell).      A “Best   PR   Campaign   “   special   award   was   made   by   the   incoming   assistant   governor   Karin Weston   to   Di   Charles   on   behalf   of   District   1260   in   the   form   of   an   engraved   shield,   for   the excellent work she produces for our monthly Rotarian magazine. Incoming   president   Martin   made   an   amusing   address   in   which   he   expressed   his   total   confidence   in his   team   of   club   officers   for   the   coming   year   and   hoped   that   with   such   an   excellent   team   in   play   he would   be   able   to   take   some   well   earned   time   off!      He   proceeded   to   make   a   special   award   to outgoing   president   David   in   the   form   of   an   engraved   spade   as   an   acknowledgement   to   David’s comments at the start of his year that “what you put in to Rotary you get back in spades!”        Vice   president   Nichola   stood   up   and   expressed   the   club’s   admiration   for   Rotarian   Karin   Weston   who   is   shortly   to   become   an assistant governor for District 1260.  The applause was well deserved. The   formal   part   of   the   evening   being   over   diners   were   able   to   mingle   and   chat   for   a   while   before   eventually   setting   off   home.      A most enjoyable evening. Words by Tony Briar, Pictures by Neil Heywood.  Click here to see all photos of the event
30th June - President’s Hello
A   lovely   summer’s   afternoon   brought   over   forty   Rotarians,   partners   and   guests   to   the   village   of   Meldreth   to   be   welcomed   by President   Martin   and   partner   Josephine   into   their   lovely   garden.      A      great      deal      of      trouble      had      obviously      been      taken      to   erect several   sails   between   trees   at   the   end   of   the   garden.   These   sails   were   intended   to provide   shade   for   the   guests,   but   they   did   more   than   that   –   in   the   gusty      winds   they billowed      and   snapped   and   left   some   people   nervously   wondering   if   they   might   be caught up in them and carried away! A   President’s   Hello   is   an   annual   tradition   of   our   club   and   enables   a   newly-elected president   and   partner   to   host   a   social   occasion   in   which   to   welcome   members   to their   home.      Today   we   were   welcomed   with   a   glass   of   bubbly   and   the   chance   to enjoy one or two enormous strawberries with it. There   was   a   tremendous   cold   buffet   laid   on   in   the   vast   kitchen   followed   by   a range   of   enticing   desserts   and   cheeses.      Out   also   came   some   chocolate   mousse and, I’m told, Josephine is a real whizz at these and guards the recipe closely. After   three   and   a   half   hours   of   friendly   conversation   and   banter   plus   eating   and drinking,   we   reluctantly   said   our   thanks   and   farewells.      So   thank   you   Martin   and Josephine   for   welcoming   us   to   your   lovely   garden   and   for   all   your   hard   work.        Thank      you      also      to      the      social      committee      for      their   support,   and   a   huge   thank you to the Freewheelers for all your mouthwatering culinary delights Words by Tony Briar, pictures by Tony Briar, Ray Munden and Neil Heywood.  To see all the photos of the event click here