21st to 24th June 2012 : Visit by Paray

We welcomed fourteen guests from our link Club Paray le Monial et Charolais for the weekend.

Our guests landed at Stanstead and were transported by coach to Royston Golf Club where they were welcomed by President Neil and their respective hosts. In the evening, our guests were entertained to dinner at the homes of some of the hosts.

On Friday, despite the rain, we took our guests on a guided tour of King's College Chapel and Trinity College followed by lunch at the Eraina Taverna. Due to the inclement weather, the planned punting along the Backs was cancelled and instead various visits to the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Scott Polar Institute ensued.

On the Friday evening, other members of the Club entertained hosts and guests to dinner.

Saturday morning was free. Saturday afternoon was the fight for the Ashes at Don & Jennifer Kingsley's. The game chosen was a form of cricket! The French won despite their lack of cricket knowledge - surprise, surprise.

In the evening, President Neil & Sarah hosted a buffet party at the home of Jonathan and Linda. Sadly the rains fell again and we were not able to enjoy their beautiful garden.

We bade our guests farewell on Sunday morning after breakfast at Don & Jennifer's.

Click here for photos of the visit

10th June 2012 : Monthly Walk - Albury

The Rotary Club walk in June took place on one of the few days it hadn’t poured with rain. In fact it was a warm and sunny day and 14 Rotarians enjoyed a six mile walk through the Hertfordshire countryside. We started at The Catherine Wheel pub in Albury and walked to Furneax Pelham. A sponsored walk was starting from here later in the day and we had time to chat to some Pearly Kings and Queens who were there for support. We discovered that they are to be part of the Olympic opening ceremony.  There is an information board about the village outside the pub which is well worth reading. From here we carried on across  some lovely meadows to Albury. There used to be a hall there which was used in WW2 for special operations. Sadly, nothing of the hall remains. After a brief stop at Albury church we headed back to the Catherine Wheel and lunch. We had the marquee to ourselves and were joined by Neil and Sarah, Bryony, Di and Ken, David Beardwell, Chris and Polly and my daughter Sophie. We enjoyed a very pleasant lunch and had plenty of time to sit and relax. All that remained was to find our way home from the depths of Hertfordshire! Clarice.

22nd May 2012 : Enigma Machine comes to Royston

The secrets of the Enigma machine and Second World War code-breaking have been revealed to members of the Rotary Club of Royston.

One of the surviving machines was on display - and members were allowed to work the device to see its intricacy.

Rotary club president Neil Heywood said: “This gave us the opportunity to appreciate the world of code-breaking in the Second World War and the ingenuity of such a machine.

“When the complexities of such a machine were explained it really showed the brilliance and dedication of those who were involved in code-breaking at the then secret establishment at Bletchley Park.

“We could see the reason behind it being said that unless the Enigma code was broken then the war could have gone on for at least another two years.”

The workings of the Enigma machine were explained to members by mathematician James Grimes, a member of the Cambridge University Millennium Mathematics project, which is working on supporting maths education and promoting mathematical skills.

18th May 2012 : The Club's Jubilee Dinner

Members of the Rotary Club of Royston have been described as being among "the great and the good" of the community.

The praise came from Royston's MP Oliver Heald during a speech at the club's 50th anniversary dinner at Homerton College, Cambridge on Friday evening.

More than 100 members and guests attended the anniversary event which was taking place on the exact day when the club was started 50 years ago.

Mr Heald said that over 50 years there had been some "marvellous characters" belonging to Rotary who had helped shape the club.

"The members today are what we can call the great and the good of community for the work being done not just in our local community, but on an international scale, too," he said.

As an example he highlighted Rotary's shelter box scheme which was providing for people in Pakistan in desperate need.

There was, too, he said, the commitment to the community with Rotary involved in fund-raising for various charities.

Indeed, in his speech Rotary president Neil Heywood said that during the past year the club had helped 26 charities and raised more that £17,000 from its various activities.

The anniversary dinner was also attended by Annemarie Harte, chief executive of Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland, and District Governor Tom Griffin.


11th-13th May 2012 : President's Weekend - Scarboro'

In the chill of a May dawn, the travellers stumbled out of the mist towards the rendezvous point. Few words were spoken by the members of the little group, each occupied with his or her private concerns and – it must be admitted – fears. What perils lay ahead, we wondered; would the roads be passable, the water drinkable, the natives friendly? Would we be able to understand their strange, guttural dialect? Some of the party had made the journey before; one or two even admitted familiarity with those rude northern regions that were our destination...

Visit the photo gallery to see what a splendid weekend it was.

24th April 2012 : Visit from Alexander McKinnon - Ambassadorial Scholar











Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, Alexander McKinnon visited a recent meeting of the Club to talk to us about his life and experiences.

Alexander is from Dalby, Queensland, Australia; he graduated in Commerce and Law at the University of Queensland (2009) followed by a period as associate to the Hon. Justice J H Byrne RFD, Senior Judge Administrator, Supreme Court of Queensland (2010). During 2011 he was Visiting Fellow at the Hong Kong Centre for Maritime and Transportation Law, City University of Hong Kong.

Whilst in Cambridge, Alexander will be studying for a Master of Law at Magdalene College.

17th April 2012 : David Blundell becomes Club's latest member

Pictured (centre) is David Blundell, the latest member of the Rotary Club of Royston. David is pictured with President Neil Heywood and proposer/mentor Jim Webb.

David is now retired but was formerly working in journalism, having been involved with The Times and Daily Mail.

David is married to Diane and has six children and 11 grandchildren (with one more on the way). He lives in the Hitchin area although his daughter lives in Melbourn and he spends a lot of time in the Royston area including playing golf with Jim and David Beardwell!

1st April 2012 : Monthly Walk - Longstowe

15 walkers and 5 dogs enjoyed the circular walk from the Red House just outside Longstowe. The walk skirted through Kingston Wood and Bourn Golf Course and through the village of Bourne. The weather was ideal, the sun shone and the temperature was just right. We were joined for lunch on our return to the Red House by President Neil & Sarah; John & Margaret Newnham and Guy's wife Julia. Thanks to Guy for organising the walk.

13th March 2012 : Visit from Mackenzie Wehner - Ambassadorial Scholar

Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, Mackenzie Wehner visited a recent meeting of the Club to talk to us about her life and experiences.

Mackenzie is from Los Alamos and is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Los Alamos.

sponsored by the RC of Los Alamos. Mackenzie graduated

from Yale for her undergrad and is in her second year of medical school at

Stanford in California. During her year in Cambridge, Mackenzie will be a member of Newnham College studying for an MPhil in medicine.

11th March 2012 : Monthly Walk - Croydon

We couldn’t have wished for better weather for our monthly walk in March! Our route took us along the ridge overlooking the Rhee Valley, past the medieval village of Clopton and then up to Top Farm Aerodrome where we fed the alpacas with copious supplies of carrots. From there we made our way over footpaths to East Hatley and glimpsed the pretty (but now disused) church of St Denis through the trees. We carried on through this hamlet and along the road for a while before cutting back on to bridleways and tracks and then dropping back down into Croydon (meeting Bryony on the way, having gamely walked a mile in the opposite direction to meet us). We all arrived back at 12.45 having covered 6 miles exactly and met up with Neil, Sarah and others for a rather good Sunday Roast!

2nd March 2012 : Youth Makes Music

The Rotary Club of Royston’s annual Youth Makes Music concert proved yet again the extraordinary talent in local schools.

Almost 250 pupils took part in the concert in the Cambridge University’s West Road Concert Hall on Friday evening.

Organiser Ken Charles said: “This has become one of the highlights of the school year. For 16 years we have seen an extraordinary display of musical talent from the youngsters and this year was no exception.

“I believe the packed audience was really amazed by the musical talent which is in our schools.

“The concert seems to improve each year as the schools become more ambitious in their performances and are always looking for a new way to present their section of the concert,” he said.

He added: “Of course, it would not possible but for the exceptional talent and dedication of the staff we have in our schools who manage to create so much enthusiasm from those taking part.”

The schools taking part were from The Meridian School, Greneway School, Roysia School, Barley First School, Barkway First School, Reed First School, Roman Way First School, Studlands Rise First School, Tannery Drift First School, Therfield First School and the Royston Youth Choir.

Although the music was taking pride of place there were the usual surprises such as students in tiger skins clawing their way across the stage as the Meridian School Wind Band went into a theme from Jungle Book.

And we had a not too aggressive boxing contest for an A capella version of Eye of the Tiger.

The concert covered a whole range of music tastes: from Puccini’s Musetta’s Waltz Song from La Boheme to Rossini’s Duetto Buffo di Due Gatti; from Glen Miller’s American Patrol to, obviously, Abba’s Thank You for the Music.

All those taking part were on the stage for the finale, a traditional piece, Africa, which received a standing ovation.

Click here to see some photos from the Youth Makes Music Concert

26th Feb 2012 : Royston Swimathon

The Royston Rotary Club's Annual Swimathon took place at Royston Leisure Centre on Sunday 26th February. A total of 17 teams took part and early indications are that over £2,800 has been raised. The monies raised will be split between the Phoenix Group for Deaf Children, the Alzeimer's Society and the Rotary Club of Royston Trust Fund.

Teams taking part were : Reed School; Reed First School Parents; 5th Royston Brownies; Bassingbourn Air Training Corps; Army Cadets; Freman College; Meridian School; Royston Fire Station; Cambourne Air Cadets; Rotary WAFS; Sue's Shower; Glamour Goggles; Rotary Buoys; and Round Table.

Click here to see some photos from the Swimathon

18th Feb 2012 : Royston Pancake Race

The Annual Royston Pancake Race took place in Priory Gardens on Saturday, 18th February to raise funds for the new Church Hall. The race was organised by Rotarian Ken Charles and his wife Di.

Royston Rotary Club fielded a team of four well honed athletes who sailed through to the final but alas only managed to make fourth place in a very close finish. Well done, lads!

Click here to see some photos of the team in action


12th Feb 2012 : Monthly Walk - Barrington

The Royal Oak, Barrington was the start of this month's walk. Everyone came togged up for freezing temperatures but instead we had fine drizzle and temperatures above freezing.

Our walk, led by Bryony took us out of Barrington past what had been Orwell Mill, over Archers Bridge and into the meadow alongside the River Cam (or Rhee). Our path followed the river to the Shepreth Moor Nature Reserve and on to Shepreth Church which dates from the 12th century. Through the Shepreth Wildlife Park back to Barrington, the Royal Oak and a splendid lunch which was attended by our President Neil and his wife Sarah.




1st Feb 2012 : 5th Technology Tournament

The innovative skill of pupils was put to the test in the Rotary Club of Royston’s schools technology tournament on Wednesday.

The pupils involved in the annual contest had to design and create a working model of a coin sorting machine. They were judged on putting together a portfolio on the making of the models and their creative skills in design and technology.

The tournament’s chief judge, Derek Pinner, said all those taking part had done “exceptionally well” in solving the technology problems of putting together the models.

Schools represented in the tournament were from Roysia, Greneway and Meridian School in Royston and Edwinstree and Ralph Sadleir in Buntingford. There was a team each from the sixth-form at Meridian School and Freman College, Buntingford. Mr Pinner, who had spent his working life in engineering and is a member of the Rotary Club of Royston, said the teams had applied “good application” in solving the problems and had displayed “scientific principles” in creating their working models.

After working during the day on the problems at the Cambridge Motel in Shepreth, the teams then had to demonstrate their expertise.

The tournament was supported by North Herts District Council, Johnson Matthey plc and TTP in Melbourn.

Rotary Club of Royston president Neil Haywood described the event as an “undoubted success”.

Roysia School Team 1 not only won the lower school competition but also the Johnson Matthey Trophy for the most innovative team. A team from the Meridian sixth won the upper school contest.

14th Jan 2012 : Annual Quiz

Almost £1,000 was raised for charity at the Rotary Club of Royston’s annual quiz at Greneway School on Saturday evening.

 Rotary president Neil Heywood said: “The money raised will be donated to a number of charities to which the Rotary Club of Royston gives its support.”

 Eighteen teams took part in the quiz which was won by the Wild Bunch, a team of past and present teachers at The Meridian School, Royston.

Photo shows Sarah Harvey of the winning team collecting the Winners' Trophy from President Neil Heywood.

8th Jan 2012 : Monthly Walk - Weston, Herts

This months walk, the first of 2012 was organised by Ray and Joan Munden. Sixteen of us finally met at the Rising Sun in Halls Green, Weston. Every road leading to the pub had road close notices on them but, luckily, everyone ignored them and reached the pub on time. The walk was an easy 6.6 miles on pretty level ground just right for the first walk after Christmas when you do not want anything too arduous. We walked through fields with seemingly pointless styles stuck in the middle, saw cottages where different materials had been used to make the thatched roofs but no one could tell the difference, met a game keeper and our leaders managed to take us down the wrong path!

Eventually we arrived back at the Rising Sun for a well deserved hearty lunch.

20th Dec 2011 : Christmas Dinner

The Club's Christmas dinner was held at Royston Golf Club on 20th December and attended by 73 members, friends and guests.

President Neil Heywood took the opportunity to induct new member John Newnham. In fact, John isn't new to the Club as he had been a member several years ago before moving away. John has returned to live in Royston and asked to rejoin the Club.


During the evening we were entertained by a quiz based on the 50's and 60's and after coffee members of TADS (Thriplow Amateur Dramatic Society) presented a couple of sketches from their recent Review.





14/18th Dec 2011 : Christmas Float

During the month of December members of the Club help Round Table with their Christmas float on its rounds of Royston and the surrounding villages.

On 14th and 18th December it is our turn to escort Father Christmas on his float. On 14th we do the area of Royston around Orchard Road and Burns Road. On 18th we did Bassingbourn.



This is the Bassingbourn team, taken by Tony Briar just before they set out.








10th Dec 2011 : Collection for Marie Curie

On behalf of Marie Curie, members of the Club carried out "tin" collections at Morrison's and Tesco in Royston.

The collection totalled £938.18p






4th Dec 2011 : December Walk

In spite of the weather forecast threatening pouring rain, twelve hardy souls (and two dogs) ventured to tackle the Hardwick Millennium Footpath, a circular walk of some seven miles around Hardwick which was created to celebrate the Millennium. Hardwick is of course in foreign parts, but all managed to find the Blue Lion pub, at the start of the walk. The route follows a combination of farm tracks, bridleways, field edges, and perhaps a little too much of roadside pavements, through the parishes of Hardwick, Comberton and Caldecote, crossing the Greenwich Meridian twice. (although you would not know from the path!). It is all pleasantly rural, in spite of the fact that at the nearest point you are only a mile from the Cambridge City boundary. The walk ended at the Blue Lion, where we were joined for an excellent lunch by our Lord and Master Neil, and Sarah.


29th Nov 2011 : Churchill visits Royston

The members of the Rotary Club of Royston recently had the pleasure of entertaining Sir Winston Churchill to Dinner at Royston Golf Club. Sir Winston, aka Alan Kempton, gave the Club some excerpts from his speeches and spoke about his life as a reporter and a politician.






24th Nov 2011 : Visit to the 2012 Olympic Park

By way of a Richmond coach a party of Royston Rotarians made their way to Stratford in North London to visit the 2012 Olympic Park On the way we picked up our Blue Badge guide for the day, Simon Rodway. Simon turned out to be an excellent guide, both knowledgeable and witty. Unfortunately, due to security, entry is not permitted to the park so we firstly circumnavigated the park on public roads from which we could view the main stadia. We then left the coach and took a walk to an excellent vantage point alongside the main stadium. Whilst viewing the Stadium, Jonathan Edwards (Gold Medal triple jumper) arrived for a filmed interview.

After visiting the park we retired for lunch at the Caribbean Scene Restaurant in Stratford for a very interesting and enjoyable Caribbean buffet lunch.

Before returning to Royston we paid a brief visit to the Thames Barrier Park.

Click here for more photos


18/19th Nov 2011 : Children in Need - Record Collection

Pudsey and members of the Rotary Club of Royston raised a record £2,300 for Children in Need.

More than £800 was raised during a session outside Tesco superstore on Friday and the rest was collected at The Cross and in Angel Pavement on Saturday.

President Neil Heywood said: “The response from the public was absolutely marvellous and we collected more this year that we have in the past.

“It certainly helped having Pudsey there with us. He was a great attraction for the youngsters; who could resist giving a donation,” he said.

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15th Nov 2011 : Induction of New Member

At the Club meeting on Tuesday 15th November, President Neil (pictured left) welcomed Adrian Dent as the latest member of our Club. Adrian's classification is IT.







13th Nov 2011 : Remembrance Sunday

President Neil and his wife Sarah attended the Remembrance Service at the War Memorial in Royston. Neil laid a wreath on behalf of the Rotary Club of Royston. Immediate Past President Jonathan Berks and Lyn Berks were also present.

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9th & 16th Nov 2011 : Youth Speaks

Youth Speaks 2011 commenced at Studlands Rise First School on the afternoon of 9th November with a fascinating talk about pets. There followed a further eight talks about a variety of subjects including Planets, Our Hobbies, Mighty Mountains and Terrific Tortoises. Talks were interspersed with Rotarians Les Baker and Ken Charles making helpful comments.

On Wednesday 16th November, at Greneway Middle School, pupils from the Middle Schools gave talks on their favourite subjects such as Internet Safety, Origami, Egyptology and You Tube. Helpful comments were made by Rotarian Les Baker and Mrs Julia Garfitt.

At the end of each afternoon, President Neil praised the children on their fascinating talks and handed out certificates to all the participants.

President Neil also thanked Rotarians Ken Charles and Clarice Wahlich for organising the event and the headteachers Mrs Janet Saunders and Mrs Sue Kennedy for their cooperation and for the use of their school halls.

Click here for more photos

6th Nov 2011 : Walk around Wicken Fen

On Sunday 6th November, 15 Rotarians and friends walked the bounds of Wicken Fen in Cambridshire. The weather held. It was bright and sunny in the early part of the day but things gradually became overcast and the wind in the afternoon was bitter.

Our walk took us along the banks of the Wicken Lode. On reaching the junction with the Burwell Lode we made a diversion into the village of Upware to the 5 Miles From Anywhere No Hurry Inn where we had lunch. Here we were joined by Neil and Annette Guttridge but for lunch only.

After lunch we retraced our steps and then continued along the Burwell Lode to the Cock-Up Bridge. On the bridge were some bird watchers. Keith Trueman (friend of the Wahlichs) was despatched to discover what they were watching. It turned out to be a short eared owl. Once everyone had caught up at the bridge we turned northwards towards Wicken village.

Just before the village we turned left on to a track that took us to the Wicken Windmill which was working - sails going round and flour being milled. Here we were welcomed by friends of the Windmill who proudly showed us around and explained the workings of the mill. On leaving the mill it was but a short walk back to the carpark.

Some more photos

5th Nov 2011 : Games evening at Don's

Don Kingsley, once again, opened the doors of his "barn" to enable the Club to hold a games evening. The evening consisted of playing the roulette table, with fake money, of course, and betting on filmed horse races.

Drinks were all in with an excellent buffet. Thanks to Howard Peacock and his team for an excellent evening.

During the evening, President Neil presented Don with his certificate of Honorary Membership plus a bottle of malt. Don's wife, Jennifer received a bouquet of flowers.


2nd Nov 2011 : Rotary members give aid to flood victims

The Rotary Club of Royston has raised vital cash to give people in the flood-torn region of Pakistan the chance of having clean drinking water.

The move comes in the week that the Royston club learned that the ShelterBoxes funded by £1,000 donated earlier in the year had been deployed to the Sindh province of Pakistan.

Rotary club president Neil Heywood said: "Over the years ordinary Rotarians in places such as Royston have played an important role in getting vital help to people in areas of the world which have been struck by disaster. “We really are making a difference to the world and the Club is helping people who have been left in a catastrophic situation.

"It's vital that we contribute to Rotary's work in some of the most devastated areas of the world," said Mr Heywood. "It is difficult to imagine the situation where people are struggling simply to live day-by-day."

The latest contribution from the Royston club came from a fund-raising charity evening at the Ashiana Spice restaurant in Royston. Money raised is to be donated towards the provision of over 100 much - needed LifeStraws: a portable water filter that effectively removes all bacteria and parasites responsible for causing disease. They are a life-saving tool in places where flooding or earthquakes have contaminated water supplies.

 Mr Heywood continued: "We know that what we do here in Royston is helping to save the lives of many homeless, sick and starving people."

The LifeStraws are purchased by the Rotary club and then distributed through Unicef or Médécins Sans Frontières.

Since April 2007, the Rotary Club of Royston has helped towards providing 14 Shelterboxes and the latest arrived last week in the Sindh province of Pakistan. A Shelterbox contains essentials for people to survive in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. Each one is tailored to a disaster, but typically contains a disaster relief tent, blankets, water storage and filtration equipment, cooking utensils, a stove, and a basic tool kit - enough equipment to shelter and support a whole family

Learn more about LifeStraws

Learn more about ShelterBoxes

19th Oct 2011 : Collecting for Macmillan Nurses

Several members of the Club helped with the tin collection on behalf of Macmillan Nurses at the Royston branch of Tesco's. Rotarian David Izod took this photograph of Peter Mitton and Jonathan Berks on duty.

A total of £599 was collected.







18th Oct 2011 : Jim Webb elected a Paul Harris Fellow

President Neil Heywood presented Rotarian Jim Webb with a Paul Harris Fellowship. In doing so he made the following tribute:

“This award pays tribute to someone who has been a member of the Club for a relatively short time – less than 10 years, which in Royston terms makes him a positive new boy. During that time he has made a truly positive impact on the Club, despite a very serious spell of ill-health which might have stopped a lesser person (and I might say, a younger man) in his tracks. He’s been a leader and an innovator, and the list of the things he has done is a daunting one for most of us mere members.

• He conceived, launched and ran the Swimathon, which has become a permanent fixture and raised thousands of pounds for good causes.

• For the Kite Festival, he ran the Arena one year, and organised Manpower another year, before taking over the management of the whole show and running it so brilliantly that this year he didn’t even need to be there!

• He’s chaired the Community Service Committee • He’s contributed enormously to the planning, management and judging of the Technology Tournament

• He dreamed up the Rotary Hertfordshire Way Walk, which raised yet more charitable money and resulted in the permanent setting up of the Royston Rotary Walking Group.

• On the Sports and Social Committee, he’s introduced us to indoor bowls, run a car rally, and educated us all by taking us to Shakespeare’s Globe.

I don’t know about you, but personally, I can’t wait to see what he’ll come up with next! He’s an unassuming person, some might say a quiet one; he’s not a man to seek out the limelight; but through his energy and his creativity, he has changed this Club for the better in so many ways, we should all be grateful to him and pleased that he chose to join us back in 2003.”

[Note: The Paul Harris Fellowship was established by Rotary International in 1957 and in our Club the award is awarded in recognition for exceptional service to the Club or to Rotary at large.]

18th Oct 2011 : Rotary President presents £5,000 to MS Trust

Club President, Neil Heywood, presented a cheque for £5,000 to the MS Trust. Pam Macfarlane, chief executive of the Trust accepted the cheque on the Trust’s behalf.

The money was raised during the Club’s annual Royston Kite Festival in August.

Mr Heywood said: “The work of the MS Trust is extremely important and we hope that such a donation will help in continuing to provide the vital services its delivers.”





2nd Oct 2011 : Songs of Praise

On Sunday 2 October Guy Garfit represented the Rotary Club of Royston in a community Songs of Praise organised by Churches Together in Royston and District.

 The service was led by the Rev Chris White from Royston Methodist church and included favourite hymns and songs chosen by members of the community.

Guy's choice was very seasonal - 'We Plough the Fields and Scatter'. All contributors were briefly interviewed and Guy talked to Matt Hall of Trinity Life Church about what Rotary does locally and globally, mentioning 'Youth Makes Music', 'Youth Speaks' and 'Polio Plus'. He was so persuasive that the wife of one of the people there is determined that he should join! Others who took part included the Town mayor, PCSO Penny Thomsett, Linda Bance of Music with Mum and Andy Moorley of Royston Freecycle. A retiring collection was split between Rotary and the Mayor's charities. Julia Garfit

2nd Oct 2011 : October Walk

One of the hottest days in October and we chose it for our monthly walk. We, that is, John & Clarice, Jim & Sephrone, David & Lesley, Sandra, Ray and Chris met at the Kelly's from whence we started the walk by going through their back gate into the woods. It was pleasantly cool in the woods but before long we emerged to walk through part of the Newsells estate. Then past the newly built shepherd's cottage (we didn't see any sheep!) or was it a shooting lodge. We were now on territory familiar to those who walked the Hertfordshire Way. We were dying of thirst as we walked up the hill towards Read past dusty dry fields so a refreshment break was called. Once at the top, joy, no more hills to climb. Our walk took us through the village of Read, across the A10 and along the road to Therfield. As the road twisted and turned, we continually swapped sides of the road to keep in the shade. At last, the Fox and Duck was in sight and a welcome pint of Abbotts.

We were joined for lunch by Don & Jennifer and our president Neil & Sarah. After lunch Don & Jennifer invited us all back for coffee There was much discussion about sloe gin and where we could pick sloes on our way home. Jennifer handed out plastic bags to contain any sloes we picked.

We took the green lane back to Royston stopping to pick sloes on the way.

Click here to see some photos

11th Sept 2011 : September Walk

Eight stalwart walkers met at the Dial Pub in Elmdon at 9:45am to place their orders for lunch before setting off through the village. Up the hill passing the cricket ground on the right; just over the brow of the hill we turned onto a track that took us through a farmyard with some very friendly cattle. A couple of miles from the start we reached Littlebury Green. From here we made for the B1039 which we briefly followed before turning off to cross the fields, woods and a ploughed field towards Duddenhoe End. Thence to Wends Lofts and down to the B1039 once more. The hedgerows were full of berries - rosehips, sloes, blackberries and even an apple tree bearing, so I am told, some very tasty fruit. The end of the hedgerow turned into a lovely avenue of chestnuts but why was it planted here?. Across the road onto the final path for Elmdon and lunch. The path took us past fields of beautiful horses and through the village cricket ground.

We were joined for lunch by Julia, Jonathan & Linda and our president Neil & Sarah. Click here to see some photos

7th August 2011 : Royston Kite Festival

Almost 4,000 people turned out to see this year’s Rotary Club of Royston’s Charity Kite Festival on Therfield Heath on Sunday.Almost £6,000 was raised from the event for the Multiple Sclerosis Trust and other charities.Neil Heywood, president of the Rotary Club of Royston, said:

“It was an excellent occasion where everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The kite displays certainly did not disappoint and even a shower in the middle of the day did not deter people from coming. This is the 10th year that the Rotary Club of Royston has run the kite festival and it looks as though it will be a record year,”

The event was opened by BBC Radio Cambridgeshire presenter Andie Harper and the Mayor of Royston, Councillor Robert Inwood.

About 60 stalls representing local charities and organisations were set up around the arena.

Mr Heywood and Councillor Michael Weekes, the chairman of North Herts District Council, judged the children’s kite-making competition.

The winners were 10-year-old Adam Quickenden and six-year-old Iorwen Ellis.

Click here to see some photos

31st July 2011 : August Walk

Although a walk for August hadn't been arranged (very close to the Kite Festival) John Kelly invited those who wanted to join himself and Jennifer to walk to the Cabinet in Read for lunch, in the end only Chris Hardy took up the challenge. A few days before the walk it was discovered that the Cabinet had closed so it was decided to walk to the Tally Ho in Barkway instead. It was a beautiful day with good views towards Cambridge and Ely on the walk up to Read. Just a pity more didn't join us.


24th July 2011 : President's Hello

New President Neil and his wife Sarah kindly invited members of the Club to the traditional President's Hello at their home in Great Chishill. We were handsomely entertained with an excellent repast including a roasted lamb. A great way to kick start the new Rotary year. Thank you Neil & Sarah.

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3rd July 2011 : July Walk

We all met at the car park in Barrington. Paul and Janine joining us for the first time. Guy set off in the lead. Out of Barrington, past the cement works and, eventually past the quarry. The footpath gave us a good view into the quarry. T various times we followed the course of the River Rhee/Cam. We passed through Haslingfield leaving via Chapel Hill - watch out for the fast cars! Towards the top of the hill we turned off onto a footpath that led us through some lovely woodland and onto the High Street in Harlton (where Guy was brought up) just by the Hare & Hounds pub where we had lunch.

We were joined for lunch by Briony and President Neil and First Lady Sarah. Unfortunately at this point, Paul & Janine had to leave as Janine was rowing in Cambridge in the afternoon.

After lunch, we said our goodbyes to Neil & Sarah and trotted back to Barrington with Briony in tow.

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28th June 2011 : Handover to 2011/12 President

The President's handover took place, once again, at Bluntswood Hall near Buntingford. Outgoing President Jonathan Berks handed over to incoming President Neil Heywood. Also taking up their offices were Chris Hardy as Vice President and Ray Munden as Junior Vice President.

Before leaving office, President Jonathan Berks had the pleasure of presenting Pam Lambert with a Rotary Community Award, awarded for her services to music in the town.

In a similar vein, the first act of the new President, Neil Heywood, was to present Iris Newling with a Paul Harris Award for her services to Rotary and to the community.

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