The   Rotary   Club   organises   two   shows   each   year   for   owners   to   display   their   precious   vehicles   which   can   then   be
admired   by   members   of   the   public.     All   sorts   of   vehicles   are   on   show,   from   cars   and   motor   bikes   to   lorries,   army
vehicles and frequently a tractor, which proves extremely popular with children as they are allowed to climb on it.
Our   first   show   of   the   year   is   held   in   conjunction   with
the    Royston    May    Day    Fayre    on    May    Day    bank
holiday.     When   the   weather   is   fine   (as   it   was   in   May
2022)   there   can   be   huge   turnout   and   pre-booking   is
essential   to   get   everyone   in,   despite   the   Town   Hall
car   park   being   very   large,   having   capacity   for   over
two   hundred   cars.     The   date   of   the   May   Day   show
for 2023 was 1st May.
The   second   show   is   held   in   conjunction   with   the   Kite   Festival,   which   is   always   the   first   Sunday   in   August   and   held   on
Therfield   Heath   in   Royston.     For   this   show   we   arrange   a   display   area   for   classic   vehicles   at   the   rear   of   the   kite   flying
arena   so   that   there   is   plenty   of   space   for   all.     This   show   attracts   a   wide   variety   of   people   in   their   classic   vehicles
where   they   can   picnic,   watch   the   kite   flying   and   wander   round   the   dozens   of   stalls   and   other   attractions.       The   date
of the show for 2023 is August 6th ***
Click to see photos of previous shows - May Fayre 2023 and at Kite Festival 2017
If you would like to display your vehicle at either of the forthcoming shows then

Download the 2023 brochure here

or contact us via email by clicking here
The Rotary Club of Royston is grateful to our local sponsors of the Historic Vehicle Shows. Click here to view them .
Club of Royston
President: Phillip Martin
Historic Vehicle Shows - Organiser Ray Munden
A fabulous 1966 series 3 Sunbeam Alpine at the 2023 May Fayre
*** Special Note for 2023
Good   news,   the   Historic   Vehicle   Show   at   the   Kite   Festival   will   still   be   going   ahead   despite   earlier   doubts   but   we
will   not   be   allowed   to   use   the   same   display   area   as   we   have   for   previous   years.     Instead   we   will   be   setting   aside   a
space   in   the   'normal   car'   parking   area,   but   you   won’t   be   mixed   in   with   non   classic   vehicles.     We   hope   that   this   is
only for this one year.
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