Welcome to the Rotary Club of Royston
Club of Royston
President: Peter Mitton
Environment Committee - Chairman Peter Homent
The   Rotary   Club   of   Royston   has   always   supported   conservation   and   the   environment,   with   several   members actively involved in various projects. The    Rotary    Foundation,    Rotary’s    own    charity,    has    given more     than     $18     million     in     grant     funding     from     to environmental-related projects over the past five years. Rotary   International   have   formalised   it’s   efforts   in   this   area by    announcing    a    new    area    of    focus:    supporting    the environment.   Providing   our   members   more   ways   to   bring about positive change in the world. Our   Club   is   proud   to   be   part   of   this   initiative,   which   commences   on   July   1st   2021.   In   our   first   year   we   will   be arranging   club   visits   to   both   a   farm   and   a   local   nature   reserve   (followed   by   a   pub   visit)   and   also   physically   assisting with a local environmental regeneration project.