Club of Royston
President: Phillip Martin
Royston     Rotary     Club     has     a     longstanding     association     with     the     Rotary     Club     of     Paray     le     Monial     et     du     Charolais,     located     in     the  
Burgundy   region     of     France.         Each     year     a     party     of     Rotarians   from     the     one     club     travels     to     the     other     club     and   are     to   be  
hosted     in     the     homes     of     them   by   the   local     Rotarians     there   for     three     or     four     days.         The     visit     includes     cultural,   sporting,   social  
and,          importantly,          wining          and          dining
The    sporting    aspect    arises    from    a    competition
between    the    two    clubs    called    ‘the    ashes’.       This
might   involve   boules,   rowing,   table   tennis,   10   pin
bowling   or   many   other   events.     Coincidentally   the
visiting   club   always   manages   to   win   and   so   has   to
host the losing club the following year.
The     following     year     the     travelling     is     in     the  
opposite   direction     so     each     club     gets     a     flavour  
of     the     other’s   lifestyles     and     culture.         This  
arrangement     has     gone   on     for     many     years     and     long-standing     friendships   have           been           made           between           individual           club
The     visits     usually     take     place     in     high     summer     to     take     maximum     advantage     of     all     that     the     host     country     has     to     offer.         We  
have an
extensive collection of photographic records of these visits which can be seen by clicking the appropriate links below.
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Twinning with The Rotary Club of Paray le Monial et du Charolais  -  Coordinated and arranged by Martin Berry
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