Club of Royston
President: Phillip Martin
Sports and Social  Committee - Chairman Kash Sharma
Although   the   prime   function   of   Rotary   is   'Service   above   self'   we   also   enjoy   our   social   &   sporting   activities.   In   the
forthcoming   year   the   Sports   and   Social   committee   will   organise   some   of   the   regular   popular   events   from   the
yester-years   but   will   also   introduce   some   new   ones.   It   is   too   early   to   provide   a   list   of   the   planned   events   during   the
year,   but   we   will   inform   the   club   asap   the   details   of   any   forthcoming   events   when   we   have   gauged   the   likely
response to a proposed event and when most of the organisation for that event is near completion.
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