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Club of Royston
President: Martin Berry

Annual Swimathon -

Organiser Howard Peacock

This annual event is an important feature of the Royston Rotary Club’s year. It incorporates a great deal of fun for the teams who participate as well as raising funds for both the participant’s and for Rotary charities. You have an opportunity to donate 50% of the sponsorship money raised by your team to your own chosen Charity or dedicate it towards your own in-house project. The other 50% will be distributed by the Rotary Club of Royston Charity Fund helping alleviate suffering at home and overseas. Our next Swimathon is booked for 18th October 2020 at Royston Leisure Centre , Woodcock Road Royston, SG8 7XT All ages welcome Teams can have up to 6 members who swim in relay for 55 minutes The aim is for each team to swim as many lengths as possible in the 55 minutes available. Each team member to have sought sponsors for the number of lengths the team (not the individual) completes. In so doing we hope we will raise a useful sum of money for all our chosen charities and projects. This is not a race and no team or individual is being asked to swim an unduly long distance. The event involves each team swimming continuously for 55 minutes, one member only of the team being in the water at a time. There are no hard and fast rules about how a team should organise itself - some may like to swim a length in turn, others might want to split the time amongst them. All we ask is that inexperienced or out-of-condition swimmers do not exceed their capacity. More details can be obtained by email from the Swimathon Organisers HERE. CLICK HERE to download an entry form for the 2020 Swimathon
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