David Blundell - Club President for Rotary Year 2018/2019 Hello,   and   welcome   to   our   website.   Here   you   will   find   information   on what   we   do   and   how   we   involve   ourselves   in   our   local   community.      Also, and not least, you can see how we enjoy ourselves . Each   year   the   President   chooses   a   charity   and   for   2018/19   we   will   be helping   Acorn   House,   at   Addenbrooke’s.       Acorn   House,   part   of   the   Sick   Children’s   Trust,   offers   a “home   from   home”   for   up   to   15   families   who   have   children   receiving   treatment   at   the   hospital. It   is   only   minutes   away   from   the   wards   and   has   been   specially   designed   to   ensure   access   for those with disabilities. Royston   Rotary   is   particularly   proud   of   the   way   it   has   helped   young   people   in   the   area   over the   years   and   we   will   continue   to   do   this.   For   example,   we   work   closely   with   local   schools   with events   such   as   Youth   Makes   Music,   at   which   youngsters   enchant   an   audience   of   their   peers, parents   and   friends   with   a   concert   of   classical,   popular   and   choral   music.   This   year,   for   the first   time,   it   will   be   staged   at   the   superb   Saffron   Hall,   in   Saffron   Walden.   Then   there   is   the Technology   Tournament,   where   students   from   our   four   middle   and   two   upper   schools   are challenged   to   work   in   teams   to   solve   a   practical   (and   sometimes   rather   baffling!)   technical issue.      At   Rotary   ‘Kids   Out’   we   host   a   one-day   experience   for   disabled   and   disadvantaged young   people   –   visiting   Wimpole   Hall   Farm,   bouncy   castle,   viewing   a   puppet   show,   making   and flying kites and riding on a model railway. It   isn’t   all   about   the   young,   however.   We   are   particularly   proud   of   the   contribution   we   are making   to   the   older   people   in   our   community   through   the   Memory   Café.    The   café   offers companionship   and   help   to   sufferers   from   memory   impairment   of   any   type,   at   any   age.   Just   as importantly, it gives a little respite for their carers. From   its   very   first   days,   Rotary   has   had   an   international   dimension   and   in   Royston   we   play   our part    in    this,    too.    For    example,    we    support    Lendwithcare,     a    British-based    microfinance organisation   which      allows   individuals   and   groups   to   make   small   loans   to   entrepreneurs   in developing   countries,   and   help   them   work   their   way   out   of   poverty.   Also,   we   continue   to participate   in   Rotary’s   world-wide   commitment   to   the   eradication   of   polio.      For   a   number   of years,   we   have   helped   Embocraft,   an   organisation   I   know   personally   based   in      Kwa/Zulu   Natal, South   Africa,   which   gives   practical   assistance   through   sewing   schools   to   the   people   of   this impoverished region. We will continue to do this during the coming year. All   of   these   are   only   part   of   Rotary’s   place   in   the   community.   Just   as   important   is   enjoying yourself   –   and   we   believe   we’re   pretty   good   at   that,   too.   The   club   meets   for   dinner   every Tuesday   evening   at   the   Royston   Golf   Club   where   often   we   have   a   visiting   speaker.   There   are social   events    –   ranging   from   a   ceilidh   to   a   car   treasure   hunt   and   a   walking   holiday   –   as   well   as partners’   evenings   and   competitions.   Not   least,   we   have   a   “twinning”   link   with   the   Rotary   Club de   Paray   le   Monial   et   du   Charolais,   in   Saône-et-Loire,   France.   Each   year   we   have   exchange visits,   either   to   France   or   here   to   Royston,   offering   opportunities   for   good   food,   wine   and company! I   hope   this   has   given   you   some   insight   into   our   club   and   the   opportunities   it   offers   to   help others   and   to   enjoy   yourself.   If   you   want   to   know   more,   then   do   please   contact   us   by   clicking here.
Club of Royston,Herts, UK
President: David Blundell
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