1st May - Historic Vehicle Show at the May Fayre
Just the threat of rain will stop a lot of owners of old vehicles from risking a bit of dirt on their pampered pets. Well, to be fair, many old vehicles are open or possibly a shade leaky and are much more prone to rust than their modern counterparts. That threat being present meant that the number of vehicles, estimated still very presentably at approaching 100, was nowhere near to last year’s total of around 170 ( a record and possibly a testament to post Covid freedom). Luckily though the rain held off until a very short, sharp downpour towards the end, before which it was quite reasonable weather. We did, however, have a lovely assortment including the American muscle cars, several worn torn Land Rover Defenders, the usual assortment of lovely MGs, a coal lorry and a couple of flower power wedding cars, namely a Volkswagen Beetle and a VW Camper Van. Last year we had our first commercial stall, selling mainly model cars, and this year a second was added, a local motor factor promoting a new synthetic oil supplier. Both seemed pleased with the day, although the former, echoing the reduced turnout, had lower sales. Unfortunately there really isn’t much room to invite any further stalls so two may remain the limit. Pleasingly, despite the reduced attendance, the donations collected at the show were very similar to last year at over £ 330 (well done Tony and David Izod, who went around with the buckets). Interestingly only £ 19 of that was taken on the card machine. Joan had a similar experience at the Methodist Cake and Plant Stall in the main Fayre- who said that cash is dead? Parking is still a problem with the small part of the car park not used by the non-historic vehicles quickly filling and the Catholic School car park soon following suit, raising poor Jonathan’s heart rate as he tried to placate frustrated drivers. President Peter chose Peter Webb’s striking 1945 AJS 350 as best bike in show and Nigel Maude’s beautiful 1949 Triumph Roadster which he had owed for 57 years and which alone deserves an award - for best car in show. Nigel was incredibly grateful as he maintained that it was the first award that he’d ever had in his life, such can be the joy of a show like this. Mayor Mary Antony awarded the trophy for best vehicle in show to Alan Payne for his 1933 (older even than Royston Rotarians!) Austin Ten. It was a shed find wreck which Alan spent around 850 man hours restoring (the equivalent of 24 normal working weeks, and that while he still had an actual job). This car was originally purchased new in Royston and has been local ever since. I personally think that all this arguably makes this the most apposite and deserving award ever made at our shows. Once again we thank the generosity of Hardcastle Burton LLP for franking the paper posts and saving us a significant cost. Thanks also to everybody who turned out to act as marshals. (Click on any of the images to enlarge then right click on it to save) Words by Ray Munden. You can see more photos of the event here .
President: Peter Mitton
Club of Royston
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Best Bike in Show - 1945 AJS 350
Best Vehicle in Show - 1933 Austin 10
Best Car in Show - 1949 Triumph Roadster 2000