How it works

Fill   out   the   order   form   below   and   a   little   while   later   you   will   be   sent   a   text   message   with   instructions   from   Zettle   on   how   to pay   (it’s   £10   per   family).     Once   payment   has   been   made,   Santa   start   to   create   a   short   video   for   your   children   and,   once ready   he   will   send   you   an   email   with   a   link   to   view   it.     Please   note   it   can   take   up   to   5   days,   dependent   on   how   busy   Santa is   busy   at   that   time.   The   video   will   be   available   until   the   end   of   December   and   you   can   watch   it   as   many   times   as   you wish and even download it to keep forever. All   proceeds   will   be   donated   to   The   Angels   Support   Group   in   Hitchin   who   support   families   of   children   with   autistic spectrum condition and/or ADHD.
Order a personalised Video from Santa for the Children
Only £10  per family