Club of Royston,Herts, UK
President: David Blundell

Scrapbook For The Rotary Year 2018/2019

26th June - Changeover Dinner at Madingley Hall
Changeover    Dinner    is    our    annual    event    to    celebrate    the    changing    of    our current   president   of   the   club   to   the   new   president   for   the   coming   Rotary   year (effective   1st   July).      It’s   also   an   excuse   for   Rotarians   and   their   partners   and guests   to   dress   up   in   their   finery   and   enjoy   a   pleasant   evening   with   good   food and in the company of friends. This   year   the   event   was   held   at   Madingley   Hall   near   Cambridge   and   was   the   first   time   the   club   had visited   there   which   proved   to   be   an   inspired   choice.      The   hall   is   set   in   beautiful   surroundings   and the   perfect   weather   showed   it   off   at   its   best.      A   few   Rotarians   were   unfortunately   delayed   by traffic   so   our   meal   was   postponed   until   8pm   to   allow   for   everyone   to   be   present;   but   the   catering staff were easily up to this challenge and the food courses were both timely and delicious. With   the   meal   over,   outgoing   President   Graeme   Dargie   thanked   all   who   had   supported   and assisted   him   over   the   last   12   months,   particularly   his   wife   Linda   (to   great   applause).      He   then proceeded    to    formally    hand    over    the    chain    of    office    to    our    new    President,    David    Blundell.      President   David   made   his   acceptance   speech   before   handing   over   the   vice   president’s   chain   to Martin Berry who, in turn presented the junior vice president chain to Nichola Sharpe. With   the   formalities   now   over,   Rotarians   mingled   with   all   the   other   guests,   some   of   whom   had   travelled   a   long   distance   to   be   there, and many who had had long associations with the club.  A really great evening to celebrate our changeover. Words by Tony Briar, Photos mainly by Ray Munden.  To see all the photos, click here.
New President David with wife Diane

President’s Charity

8th July - Monthly Walk
We   had   a   glorious   English   summer   day   for   this   6.6   Km.   walk.   Hats   and   sun-cream were   necessary.   Had   we   given   some   thought   to   how   hot   it   was   going   to   be   we   might have   taken   swimwear   too   for   a   refreshing   paddle   in   Ashwell   springs.      From   the   lovely village   of   Hinxworth   we   strolled   to   Ashwell   and   did   enjoy   a   rest   by   the   springs.   But there   were   a   number   of   families   messing   about   in   the   water   so   poor   Emmi,   the Kelly’s lively Labrador had to make do with a paddle on her lead. As   we   neared   the   end   of   our   walk   we   stopped   by   the   medieval   Hinxworth   Place   and admired   the   sculptures   in   the   garden.   The   sculptor’s   wife   greeted   us   and   invited   us   to look   around   the   garden.   She   also   kindly   fetched   a   bowl   of   water   for   Emmi.   The walkers   who   also   needed   a   drink      had   to   wait   another   ten   minutes   until   we   arrived   at the   Three   Horseshoes.      This   pub   is   well   worth   a   visit.   The   food   and   the   service   was excellent. We enjoyed a most congenial lunch in the shady garden. We   were   eleven   in   the   group   including   regular   walkers   Jim   and   Sephrone   Webb;   Ray   and   Joan   Munden;   Peter   Ross;   Sandra   Scott   and John   and   Jennifer   Kelly.   We   had   a   very   special   guest   walker   with   us.   Sophia   Daoudi   from   Paray   le   Monial   who   is   working   in   Cambridge for   three   months.   She   is   a   charming   young   lady   who   intends   to   come   on   the   August   walk.   John   Kelly   had   also   invited   along   Keith   and Marian Taylor. All told it was a very relaxing and enjoyable day. Words, pictures and walk arrangements by John Kelly
15th July - President’s “Hello”
It’s   a   Royston   Rotary   Club   tradition   that   a   new   President   for   the   year   entertains   the   club   members   and   their   partners   to   a   social event   sometime   shortly   after   his   or   her   appointment.      This   year   was   no   exception   and   our   new   President   David   and   his   wife   Diane invited us all to their lovely home in Melbourn on a beautifully sunny afternoon. Of   course,   the   whole   event   was   held   in   the   garden   where   a   lot   of   preparation   had   obviously   been undertaken   with   gazebos,   awnings   and   plenty   of   tables   and   chairs.      David   had   even   arranged   for   an outside bar in the confines of a garden shed - eminently practical! Approximately   40   Rotarians   and   their   partners   were   present   in   addition   to   10   friends,   helpers   and family   so   the   conversation   was   animated   and   it   was   pleasant   to   chat   with   people   one   hadn’t   seen for    a    while.        However,    the    talking    had    to    be    cut    short    once    it    was announced   that   the   food   was   ready   and   we   all   admired   the   array   of   food on offer - even more so with the sweet course which followed.  Throughout   the   afternoon   we   were   entertained   to   old   78rpm   vinyl   jazz   records   on   a   genuine   wind-up gramaphone.      Our   resident   DJ   was   David’s   son   in   law,   Brent,   who   apparantly   has   a   massive   collection   of vintage   records.      Your   reporter   was   quite   taken   with   the   very   effective   and   responsive   volume   control   in the form of a large duster pushed up the horn to quieten the sound where necessary. Mention   and   thanks   for   the   delicious   food   must   go   to   Diane,   Ann   Bannister,   Liz   Beardwell,   Linda   Berks,   Jo Mellor,   Di   Charles,   Linda   Dargie,   Pat   Easthope,   Lesley   Izod,   Barbara   Mitton,   Glynis   Smith,   Clarice   Wahlich, Sephrone   Webb,   Annie   Whittaker   and   Polly   Hardy.      There   were   also   welcome   contributions   of   chocolates and wine.  My apologies if I have left anyone out. A great afternoon and special thanks to David and Diane for hosting and arranging.
5th August - Annual Kite Festival and Classic Vehicle Show
A   brilliantly   sunny   day   for   this   annual   event   held   as   usual   on   The   Heath   and   we estimate   that   over   six   thousand   people   from   the   Royston   area   attended.      Ice   cream vendors   did   a   roaring   trade   and   the   fresh   fruit   juice   stall   was   sold   out   by   early afternoon,   such   was   the   demand.      The   show   was   opened   by   Royston   Town   Mayor, Cllr   Iain   Leggett   and   the   photo   shows   him   with   Royston   Rotary   President   David Blundell,   DG   Dave   Ford   from   Rotary   District   1260   and   Royston   Town   Crier   Graham Pfaff. Although   very   hot,   the   wind   was   a   bit   temperamental   and   there   were   long   periods   in the   morning   when   the   lack   of   it   stopped   the   professional   kite   fliers   from   showing   their skills;   but   the   wind   picked   up   in   the   afternoon   so   a   spectacular   show   of   kite   flying   was put   on   by   the   various   clubs.      Many   children   even   got   to   see   their   beloved   teddy   bears do a long-awaited parachute drop from a kite (see picture). Apart   from   the   kite   flying   we   had   children’s   face   painting,   a   kite-making   workshop   run   by   the   Lions   Club   and,   of   course,   Royston Rotary   Club’s   famous   tombola   tent   with   in   excess   of   five   hundred   different   prizes.      All   this   plus   various   stalls   and   sideshows   and,   not forgetting the bouncy castle and childrens roundabout In   the   display   area   we   were   later   entertained   to   a   talented   group   of   youngsters   who   were   part   of   the   Crystallite   Majorettes   from Letchworth.  This troupe can certainly twirl the pom-poms, as we saw! There   were   some   75   entries   in   the   Classic   Vehicles   Show   which   was   run   alongside the   Kite   Festival      A   number   of   the   classic   cars   were   eventually   shortlisted   for   a   prize and   the   selected   cars   were   processed   around   the   display   area   and   lined   up   ready for    the    drivers    to    be    interviewd    by    the    MC.        Eventually    the    winner’s    cup    was presented   to   John   Ives,   the   owner   of   a   beautiful   1955   Armstrong   Siddley   Sapphire limousine.      The   photo   shows   John   Ives   being   presented   with   the   cup   by   ADG   John Hammond   from   Rotary   District   1260   (left)   and   our   own   Royston   President   David Blundell (right). A   great   day   out   for   all   the   family   and   all   the   money   raised   will   benefit   charity,   especially   Acorn   House   (part   of   the   Sick   Children’s   Trust) which is Royston Rotary President David Blundell’s chosen charity for the  year. Grateful   thanks   must   go   to   all   Rotarians   and   their   partners   who   worked   so   hard   to   make   the   show   a   success.      Particular   praise   must go   to   Rotarian   Jonathon   Berks   who   organised   the   Kite   Festival   this   year,   and   to   Ray   Munden   who   organised   the   Classic   Vehicle   show.     Thanks also must go to Royston Scouts for their hard work in the heat on car parking duties and litter picking. Words   by   Tony   Briar,   photos   by   Neil   Heywood   and   Ray   Munden.      See   all   the   photos   of   the   Kite   Festival   and   Classic   Vehicle   Show   by clicking here.
10th August - Presentation of Cheque to Garden House Hospice
Music to Garden House Hospice Care’s ears When   the   Rotary   Club   of   Royston   heard   that   the   Garden   House   Hospice   Care   were raising    funds    for    Music    Therapy    sessions    it    immediately    decided    to    support    the initiative with a donation of £1000. Kash   Sharma,   Chair   of   Community   Service   for   the   club,   said   ‘We   frequently   support   the Garden   House   Hospice   care   as   a   deserving   local   charity   and   so   we   are   very   pleased   to be able to donate to this wonderful initiative’. Lisa    Seccombe,    Director    of    Fund    Raising,    Marketing    and    Communications    for    the Garden   House   Hospice   Care,   said   ‘We   appreciate   the   continual   support   we   get   from The   Rotary   Club   of   Royston   and   are   grateful   for   their   support   of   our   Music   Therapy sessions,    which    have    been    demonstrated    to    significantly    benefit    patients.    Our qualified   Music   Therapist,   provides   one-to-one   and   group   music   therapy   sessions   for patients.   Patients   can   choose   to   play   instruments,   sing   or   simply   listen   to   a   piece   of music.   They   can   then   discuss   the   feelings,   emotions   and   memories   the   music   invokes. Music   therapy   helps   improve   emotional   wellbeing,   promotes   relaxation   and   reduces   feelings   of   anxiety.      Our   Music   Therapist   also runs   an   in-house   choir   including   patients,   family   members   and   carers,   and   volunteers.   Such   support   makes   a   huge   difference   to   the local community of which we serve”. Words and picture by Ray Munden.
12th August - Monthly Walk Around Wicken Fen
A   good   turnout   for   the   August   walk   saw   20   people   take   a   leisurely   5   mile   stroll   around Wicken   Fen.   The   party   included   Jonathan   and   Lyn’s   family,   complete   with   18   month   old grandson,   Harrison.   Sophia,   daughter   of   Khalid   Daoudi   past   president   of      Paray   Rotary Club, also joined us before returning to Lyon the following day.   Wicken   Fen   is   such   a   special   habitat.   It   may   be   flat,   but   the   skies   can   be   dramatic   and   at   this time   of   the   year   there   are   plenty   of   dragonflies,   damsel   flies   and   butterflies   to   look   out   for. The   walk   took   us   past   the   Visitors’   Centre   and   right   onto   Adventurers’   Fen.   We   followed Wicken   Lode   to   the   footbridge   at   Reach   Lode.   A   left   turn   here   took   us   to   the   junction   of Reach   Lode   and   Burwell   Lode   where   we   stopped   for   a   break.   Ray   took   the   opportunity   to bird watch and spotted a Marsh Harrier in the distance.   We   continued   alongside   Burwell   Fen   until   we   reached   Cock-up   bridge,   a   swing   bridge   which,   when   lowered   over   the   lode,   can   be used   by   pedestrians,   horses,   cycles   and   vehicles.   This   was   supplemented   by   an   ugly   fixed   concrete   bridge   in   the   1990s   which,   as   the guidebook   says,   is   OK   for   pedestrians,   difficult   for   bicycles   and   impossible   for   horses   or   vehicles.   A   left   turn   took   us   along   Mark’s Lode with St Edmund’s Fen on the right and we followed this back to the National Trust car park.   The   Visitors’   Centre   is   well   worth   a   look   and   facilities   there   now   include   a   café   and   education   room   –   a   far   cry   from   the   ‘facilities’   that were   present   when   I   came   on   school   trips   in   the   1970s   and   1980s.   There   is   also   an   electric   boat   which   provides   a   very   pleasant   ride along the lode. Surrounded by magnificent swaying reeds you get a close up view of the wildlife.   Lunch   was   at   the   Maid’s   Head   in   Wicken   village.   This   is   a   large   pub   and   we   were   lucky   to   have   a   room   to   ourselves.   The   food   was good and the staff friendly and helpful. A lively Harrison kept us all amused! Words and photos by Clarice