Club of Royston,Herts, UK
President: David Blundell

Scrapbook For The Rotary Year 2018/2019

26th June - Changeover Dinner at Madingley Hall
Changeover    Dinner    is    our    annual    event    to    celebrate    the    changing    of    our current   president   of   the   club   to   the   new   president   for   the   coming   Rotary   year (effective   1st   July).      It’s   also   an   excuse   for   Rotarians   and   their   partners   and guests   to   dress   up   in   their   finery   and   enjoy   a   pleasant   evening   with   good   food and in the company of friends. This   year   the   event   was   held   at   Madingley   Hall   near   Cambridge   and   was   the   first   time   the   club   had visited   there   which   proved   to   be   an   inspired   choice.      The   hall   is   set   in   beautiful   surroundings   and the   perfect   weather   showed   it   off   at   its   best.      A   few   Rotarians   were   unfortunately   delayed   by traffic   so   our   meal   was   postponed   until   8pm   to   allow   for   everyone   to   be   present;   but   the   catering staff were easily up to this challenge and the food courses were both timely and delicious. With   the   meal   over,   outgoing   President   Graeme   Dargie   thanked   all   who   had   supported   and assisted   him   over   the   last   12   months,   particularly   his   wife   Linda   (to   great   applause).      He   then proceeded    to    formally    hand    over    the    chain    of    office    to    our    new    President,    David    Blundell.      President   David   made   his   acceptance   speech   before   handing   over   the   vice   president’s   chain   to Martin Berry who, in turn presented the junior vice president chain to Nichola Sharpe. With   the   formalities   now   over,   Rotarians   mingled   with   all   the   other   guests,   some   of   whom   had   travelled   a   long   distance   to   be   there, and many who had had long associations with the club.  A really great evening to celebrate our changeover. Words by Tony Briar, Photos mainly by Ray Munden.  To see all the photos, click here.
New President David with wife Diane

President’s Charity

8th July - Monthly Walk
We   had   a   glorious   English   summer   day   for   this   6.6   Km.   walk.   Hats   and   sun-cream were   necessary.   Had   we   given   some   thought   to   how   hot   it   was   going   to   be   we   might have   taken   swimwear   too   for   a   refreshing   paddle   in   Ashwell   springs.      From   the   lovely village   of   Hinxworth   we   strolled   to   Ashwell   and   did   enjoy   a   rest   by   the   springs.   But there   were   a   number   of   families   messing   about   in   the   water   so   poor   Emmi,   the Kelly’s lively Labrador had to make do with a paddle on her lead. As   we   neared   the   end   of   our   walk   we   stopped   by   the   medieval   Hinxworth   Place   and admired   the   sculptures   in   the   garden.   The   sculptor’s   wife   greeted   us   and   invited   us   to look   around   the   garden.   She   also   kindly   fetched   a   bowl   of   water   for   Emmi.   The walkers   who   also   needed   a   drink      had   to   wait   another   ten   minutes   until   we   arrived   at the   Three   Horseshoes.      This   pub   is   well   worth   a   visit.   The   food   and   the   service   was excellent. We enjoyed a most congenial lunch in the shady garden. We   were   eleven   in   the   group   including   regular   walkers   Jim   and   Sephrone   Webb;   Ray   and   Joan   Munden;   Peter   Ross;   Sandra   Scott   and John   and   Jennifer   Kelly.   We   had   a   very   special   guest   walker   with   us.   Sophia   Daoudi   from   Paray   le   Monial   who   is   working   in   Cambridge for   three   months.   She   is   a   charming   young   lady   who   intends   to   come   on   the   August   walk.   John   Kelly   had   also   invited   along   Keith   and Marian Taylor. All told it was a very relaxing and enjoyable day. Words, pictures and walk arrangements by John Kelly